Author: Clarissa Koh

My name is Clarissa Koh, and I am an 18-year-old from Singapore. I acknowledge the disparity in treatment of men and women, I acknowledge the presence of differing opportunities in men and women, I acknowledge that the world does not offer equal political, social and economic rights for men and women. Do I want my children to live in such a society? No. I do not want them to be pulled down by society even before I see them walk across the stage for graduation, I do not want them to experience the amazingness of microaggression and the encouraging subtle comments that come along with it. What I see today is what emboldens me to do something so that my offspring would not see the same view, or at least not to the same extent as today. I hope that through this platform, I not only be able to use my voice for those who cannot but also strengthen my writing skills. Writing to me is a beautiful art form, like how I can describe any good-looking individual with a casual smile and a tender soul or how it can transcend an individual from his or her bedroom to a limitless universe of imagination. That itself is beauty.