Author: Taya Hawkins Rangihika

I'm Taya Hawkins Rangihika and I am a 13-year-old girl living in Gold Coast, Australia. For most of my life, Auckland, New Zealand has been my home, however, I while ago, when my family and I moved to America for 6 months. There experienced feminism first hand, and for the first time, I saw how different women’s rights are in different countries. In America, I found myself being more negatively compared, less noticed, and given fewer opportunities because of my gender. Most of the boys in my school class, who were a majority, had female siblings who weren’t given the same opportunities. Even back home, in Auckland, I still see the unappreciation towards women just based on their gender. From this experience, I became very passionate about women’s rights all around the world. Then I realized it's not only about females trying to make a difference, it's about EVERYONE coming together to MAKE the change and force society to grow, accept and love everyone who is a part of it. I want to help show all females out there, how much they can really do, and how much their one voice can help make a change with SHEQUALITY.