“Keep Your Laws Off My Body”: TikTok Users Combat Abortion Laws

“Keep Your Laws Off My Body”: TikTok Users Combat Abortion Laws

Anti-abortion rallies and campaigns have been an ongoing thing in America. These past few months, there has once again been another rise in such conversations throughout the nation. Throughout the nation, individuals are partaking in conversations about protesting at anti-choice campaigns which hope to strip women from the right of having a choice over what happens with their own bodies.

The rise of this movement followed leaked documents that could overturn Roe V. Wade, the landmark ruling that legalized abortion in 1973. Individuals have taken to the streets and social media to spread concern about the possibility of this overturn and what it could mean for women throughout the nation. 

Since such a rush has been brought to social media, TikTok has begun to become flooded with videos and information about aboriton and the need to access safe aboriton for women. This need for safe aboriton is emphasised through many women sharing their abortion stories. A new trend on TikTok, “Keep You [Laws, Hand, etc] Off My Body” has become quite popular. There are over 23,000 videos on the app relating to such a topic. Women around the world are using this concept to showcase just how personal a woman’s right to choose aborition is. These stories showcase to individuals that aboriton is no “easy” topic, rather one that could be a last resort in many cases.

Within the comments, many users express their sympathy. This TikTok trend has created a safe space for individuals to share their own stories about abortion, sexual assault and much more. Such is vital to normalize that such topics are prevalent in our society today, and actions need to be taken to address them in APPROPRIATE manners. When women face these life changing experiences, they are often told by society to shy away from them, and this TikTok trend is allowing for them to do the exact opposite. Women are given the opportunity to use the voices they have, that are quite often undermined, to demand for things to remain the way that they are to allow for them to maintain their right and freedom of choice. 

This trend is so important because it sheds light onto what is going on in America. This issue is not just a “women’s issue”. This is an issue of the refusal of granting individuals fundamental rights, and such is a huge deal. This approach through women empowerment has resulted in many women and others joining this movement for the government and superior individuals to keep their “Laws Off Our Bodies”.

The right to choose and the right to make decisions about one’s own body should not be topics being questioned in the 21st century. We have advanced so much in various aspects of life, yet continue to go back to questioning wheter or not women should have the right to abortion, no matter the circumstances they are in.

This TikTok trend is a call for help. It is a sign showcasing just how women aren’t as free as many assume them to be. This trend is shedding light on an important issue, one which must be understood both through and without the feminst lens so individuals can acknowledge the importance and severity of such an issue. 

My name is Azbah Wasim and I’m 17 years old. I was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, however my upbringing was heavily influenced from my Pakistani background.In Pakistani culture, women are oppressed culturally, and many of them don’t use the voice they have. This is what sparked my interest in feminism. When I visit back home I see women around me living as the minorities their culture expects them to be. This idea seems out of the norm to me as a woman living in a much more accepting and open community. I have always wanted to step out and let other women know that they have the ability to use their voices. My mom and older sister are the two women in my life who I see living in a manner which the culture of their background would completely disagree with. I have seen the strength they carry, and it inspires me. They have proven to not only themselves but to the world around them that even as women, they too can accomplish whatever they set their mind to, and I aspire to be just like that. I want other women to know that they too can accomplish dreams that they have. I want the world to know that there is more to women than outdated gender norms. I believe that there shouldn’t be a scale of superiority between genders, and I will continue to preach that, and will strive to spread the message of feminism.