Author: Tamanna Nambiar

I am Tamanna Nambiar, a 15-year-old from Bangalore, India. Gender inequality is at the very heart of the Indian culture and value system, violence against women continues to be portrayed as a family problem rather than a crime. In India, it manifests as vastly different expectations for young men and women regarding their education, health, career, and overall agency in decisions affecting their future. As a young woman growing up in a society where any suggestion to reform or address inequality is seen as a strike at the very root of its cultural, community, or ethnic ethos, I strive to bring an end to all forms of discrimination against women and girls. But, I realize that this isn’t a problem only in India, Gender equality remains unfinished business in every country regardless of the country's degree of development. Unfortunately, in today's society, it has become the norm to tell women how to dress, how we should act, and how much control we have over our bodies. As I observe the extent of discrimination, it is scary to see the lack of protection of women’s rights in today's world. As a society, we should work together to improve the lives of women, and therefore, I wish to convey a message of equality through the incredible platform that SHEQUALITY has created and help people recognize their power to make a difference in combating this long-standing issue of inequality.