Author: Yulina Goto

My name is Yulina Goto and I am a 17 year old girl living in Japan. I became interested in women’s rights after developing binge-eating disorder throughout middle and high school. After my “recovery,” I spent a long time pondering about it—how do eating disorders even develop? And more concerningly, why is it that out of the 70 million people suffering from an eating disorder in the U.S., 90% are women? I discovered that it is because women face significantly more pressure to conform to a narrow beauty standard than men. Expanding my research to other areas of gender inequality, I noticed a pattern—women are being oppressed in almost every facet of life, from the workplace to the home. It horrifies me to this day how much patriarchy dominates global society and the degree to which it imposes onto women physical, mental, and psychological harm. Through SHEQUALITY, I hope to shed some light onto the causes of gender inequality and encourage discussions so we can get a step closer to eliminating them together.